So on this new adventure to South America, I’m bringing the weird and the drone photography. For some reason, weird seems to follow me and I’m ok with it as I much enjoy the stranger people and moments in life (one of them being Aimee). I’m sure there will be many mishaps due to The Barnacle curse,

I’ll explain… so my surname is Barnacle and for as long as I can remember if something can go wrong, it will, thus The Barnacle Curse.

So, as well as the occasional spelling-mistake riddled post and all things drone and gadgets, I will be putting up a little guide on how to create your own blog. (Well, how I did it and let you know all the mistakes I made so hopefully you don’t make the same).

I will explain all and put links in to advise you on the best software and the cheapest way of doing things, as I love a bargain.